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parakeet n : any of numerous small slender long-tailed parrots [syn: parrakeet, parroket, paraquet, paroquet, parroquet]

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  1. A member of any of the various species of small parrots usually bred in Australia and Africa.

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The common parakeet kept as a pet is called the budgie or budgerigar in Commonwealth nations.


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''This article is about the bird. For the battlefield communication system, see Parakeet (communication system).
A parakeet is a term for any one of a large number of unrelated small to medium sized parrot species, that generally have long-tail feathers. The term is descriptive, but does not imply an actual relationship between the different parakeets.
The Common Pet Parakeet is more correctly called the Budgerigar or budgie and comes from Australia. They are common and popular pets throughout the world.
The term Grass Parakeet or Grasskeet refers to a large number of small Australian parakeets native to grasslands such as Neophema and Princess of Wales Parakeet. The Australian Rosellas are also parakeets.
The term Ringneck Parakeet refers to a number of African and Asian parakeets of the Psittacula genus. The Alexandrine parakeet, is the largest parrot commonly referred as a parakeet.
In aviculture the more precise term Conure is used for small to medium sized parakeets of the genera Aratinga, Pyrrhura, and a few other generas of the tribe Arini, which are mainly endemic to South America.
Some other South American species commonly called parakeets include the Brotogeris parakeets, Monk parakeet and Lineolated parakeets (although Lineolated parakeets have short tails).
Some species, especially the larger parakeets, may be referred to as 'parrot' or 'parakeet' interchangeably. For example, 'Alexandrine parrot' and 'Alexandrine parakeet' are used to refer to the same species.
An older orthography still sometimes encountered is paroquet.
Many of the smaller, long tailed species of Lories may be referred to as Lorikeets.
In some cases they can mimic words of their owners or other sounds.


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